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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

happy birthday, america Part 2

On July 4th, Jeremy and I slept in (which was wonderful) and then got up and dressed in our red, white, and blue and headed to my parents house! We spent the day there making festive desserts for the cookout later in the day.

^^I love anything cheesy on a holiday, and these star spangled sugar cookies and American flag cake just made my day! A big shout out to my mom and sister for a fun day of baking!^^

^^He is such a good sport with all of my holiday celebrating, and I think he even enjoys it at times but shhh he won't admit that to anyone!^^ 

^^my little old Papa grilling for the family. He's cute.^^

^^this little guy turned 3 that day! Happy Birthday, Aden!^^

^^we played outside after dinner. They were crazy, hyper, and couldn't wait for fireworks!^^

^^Jeremy brought his fishing gear and had a little help from two cute mini fishermen after dinner.^^

Another fourth of July in the books! Lots of fun was had by all.  Thankful for a wonderful country to celebrate, and praying we never take our freedoms for granted! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, America

I love to celebrate and I love holidays! Here's a few photos of how we celebrated the good 'ole USA...

^^This year we had an entire week of Fourth of July celebrations starting with the annual Mustang Firework show! We went to Jeremy's little hometown of Mustang, Oklahoma and headed out to the the park with his parents.^^

^^The band Super Freak played and they were so fun! They kind of have a 70's disco sound which apparently I really like because I couldn't get enough of it! You can check them out here and find out where you can see them play around OKC.^^

^^he's my favorite.^^

A wonderful firework show and an all-around fantastic night! Part 2 coming soon...

fishing weekend fun

Jeremy and I kicked off our summer with a short weekend trip to Arkansas to see my Grandpa and do a little fishing! We had a great time even though we didn't catch anything. Here's a few pics to enjoy from our little get away.... 

We loved this little jump-start to our summer, and can't wait to get back for another visit soon!