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Sunday, October 27, 2013

a summertime sleepover

For a few months, my cousin's oldest son had been begging to spend the night with us.  We waited until summer so school would be out and finally made it happen! We had our first sleepover with two handsome little boys, Carson and Aden! We had a blast, and they both did wonderfully sleeping in a strange place... our "hotel" as Carson calls it since he can't remember the word apartment.  I love how curious they are and how much fun they have just by being somewhere different. I cannot believe how big they are, and how fast time seems to be flying by. I am so thankful for these two boys... they have no idea how much they are loved by me and Jeremy.  Precious memories were made!  These pictures are just a glimpse into the fun that was had by all four of us!

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