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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Healthy Habits Link Up

I'm so excited to participate in my first blog link up with Katie at http://www.katiedidwhat.com/ with her Healthy Habits topic!  Every Thursday, she will post something about healthy living, and anyone who blogs about this topic can link back to her website, where all the link ups will be posted.  The goal is to gain some support when it comes to healthy living by reading about other people's journeys, ideas, recipes, exercises, etc. I'm excited to participate and gain some inspiration!

Honestly, I feel a tad hypocritical to even be writing a blog about healthy living, when this pregnancy has literally taken just about everything out of me and my healthy eating habits have really suffered. The first twelve weeks of pregnancy were pretty bad, and I was constantly sick. All day. Everyday.  This made eating healthy very difficult. When something sounded good for once, I just ate it--- because it was very rare for anything to ever sound good or taste good.  However, healthy eating has always been very important to me, and I hate that I let myself get so out of the habit.

 Once I started feeling better, grocery shopping again, and cooking again, I was excited to get back into the groove of healthier eating habits.  Fruit and veggies finally sounded good again, and I could tell a huge difference when I ate these foods.  One of the biggest changes I made around week 13 that made a huge difference for me was drinking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of water or orange juice each morning.  I did this religiously before I was pregnant, but quit once I was so queasy all the time.  Its amazing the energy the ACV gave me, as well as, what all it does to regulate your system.  Anyone whose ever been pregnant knows how difficult regularity can be, and I loved that this was an all-natural way to get those digestive juices flowing and helped me not feel so bloated and not having to deal with stomach issues all the time.  This one change has made a big difference with this pregnancy.

I really don't know how pregnant women maintain a super healthy eating plan, and find the energy to go to the gym consistently.  On my days off work, I get to the gym, and feel great when I do, but usually after work, I am zapped for energy and just can't make myself go.  I cannot wait to feel "normal" again, and be able to workout like I used to!  I'm excited to start making other healthy changes with this pregnancy as I can.

How did you maintain a healthy lifestyle while pregnant?

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