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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Jeremy and I headed down to the Paseo Arts Festival! We were there a total of ten minutes before it started pouring rain. That's the thing with Oklahoma... you can never really predict the weather.  Sure, the forecast showed scattered showers for the day, but any real Okie knows you can't always trust the forecast.  So we headed out with no umbrella, rain jacket, or anything to protect us from rain at all. (stupid us) However, we LOVE rain, and actually got to enjoy it from inside a little restaurant until finally just deciding to just get wet and enjoy the art! 

^^^some AMAZING Italian nachos we split while listening to the rain^^^

^^^ran across the street in the heaviest part of the rain just for a funnel cake. Maverick appreciated it.^^^

^^^I'm not a super artsy person, but the pottery store was really cool. They offer classes too, I'd love to try that one day! All of these pieces were handmade and painted, and they all were very reasonably priced!^^^

^^^after about an hour and half, we decided we were tired of being wet, and headed to the mall instead.  Inside shopping was a better option for that day!^^^

^^^found the cutest tote at Forever21 and just had to have it!^^^

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