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Saturday, June 21, 2014

to my sister on her wedding day

Today, my sister is getting married!! I can't believe how quickly these six months of planning and waiting have passed by.  I am so excited to watch her walk down the aisle to her best friend, and even more excited to see all that God has planned for their lives together.  In thinking about her wedding, these three songs keep playing back in my mind, and I wanted to share them...

^^^This ones for my dad, the best dad there is. He sang this song to us when we were little girls.  I can remember when it would get to the wedding part of the song, and thinking how that was so far away and would take forever to get here. Oh how my perspective has changed. That feels like just a few yesterdays ago... somedays it would be nice to go back to those days.  Dad, you did an amazing job raising two daughters who will always be daddy's girls! Thank you for always being such an active part of our lives, and trusting the Lord in giving us away to our husbands.  You have set the bar high. I love you so much!^^^

^^^Obviously, this song is for my mom-- the most selfless person I know. She has endlessly given of herself to plan two weddings, and make all of our dreams come true.  She always gives and never expects anything in return.  She showed us how to be strong independent women; yet, her unwavering love for my dad taught us to seek the right men to give our hearts to, and to faithfully do life with them.  We found two good men, and today as you watch Jenny walk down to her future, take pride in the fact that you had a huge part in us finding good men of character to spend the rest of our lives with.  Love you, mom!^^^

^^^And lastly, this one is for my sister.  It seems like just yesterday we were putting on our play makeup, dress up dresses, and using our pillows to be our big blue fans to sing this song for mom and dad. Can't believe by the end of the day we will both be married! Marriage is such a crazy wild ride, but it is also the best ride ever. I am so so happy for you! Always remember, "there were never such devoted sisters." I love you and will always be here cheering you and Isaac on.  Now go get married!!!^^^

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