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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

growing baby and belly part 2

^^^25 week bump^^^

How is it already the first of July?? I feel like I can barely keep up with how fast time is flying by! I know I say that in every single post, but I mean seriously... we're already halfway through 2014. That's crazy! 

So, all this talk about the second trimester being such a breeze, as actually turned out to be pretty true... most days.  Weeks 16-21 were the BEST.  My energy was back, I was comfortable at night, wasn't getting up to go to the bathroom constantly, I actually ate a few meals and felt full afterwards. Then came week 22. I don't know what happened, but EVERYTHING changed.  I haven't slept through an entire night in three weeks, it feels as though Maverick is literally dancing on my bladder when he moves-- which is all the time-- making for frequent trips to the bathroom, my back hurts so bad just about all day long, and this whole new thing of crazy intense heartburn as soon as I go to bed is for the birds.  I tell myself daily, "only 15 more weeks... I can do this!" 

Maverick has discovered my ribs now, and that is one strange feeling! I can usually massage/push him back down-- which Jeremy finds so rude for me to do to him--- and he will move back down at least for a little while.  His kicks are getting stronger and stronger everyday! They are visible now from the outside, even with my shirt down. It's the strangest and most amazing thing watching your stomach move all on its own, and knowing that little baby inside there is letting his presence be known.  I've also noticed that he is responding to certain voices and my touch. A few times I'll put my hand on my tummy, and he will find it and start kicking so hard against it. Maybe I'm annoying him, but I like to think its his way of saying "hi mom! Thanks for carrying me around. I'll see you soon!"  

I feel like we found out I was pregnant, I blinked, and here we are at just over 6 months! We are so ready to meet our little guy, we just can't hardly wait! I know Jeremy will be glad to get his bed back to normal... my four, sometimes five, pillows needed to get a decent night's sleep totally defies the laws of sleeping in a queen size bed with another person. But he sure is a trooper, and so helpful, and does whatever he has to do to make me comfortable (including a few nights of moving to the couch--which I'm not sure are entirely for my comfort or for his ha!)  I'm trying hard to enjoy these last few weeks of it being just Jeremy and I.  Life is about to change so much, and while I'm so excited for all of those changes, it is a bittersweet feeling knowing that our newly wed stage, late night food or movie runs, spur of the moment trips or date nights are coming to an end.  These have been such fun times, and I want to savor the rest of the time we have left to just be us.  

But in the meantime, I hope Maverick can hear his Pa talking to him each night before we go to bed. I hope he can hear us talking about how excited we are to be his parents.  I hope he likes hearing about all the ideas I come up with for his room.  I hope he hears it when so many people tell me that they can't wait to meet him. I hope he likes hearing his name said over and over again because we just love saying it so much. And I hope he can feel how happy we are that he is coming into our family.  

Because one more blink, and that day will be here. And I just can't hardly stand the waiting. 

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