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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

my week in iPhone photos

^^^the weather last weekend was absolutely CRAZY for Oklahoma in July! My granny helped celebrate the "let's pretend its Fall" weather trend with some homemade chicken and dumplings. Man did they hit the spot!^^^

^^^like I was saying about the weather... 60's in July??? I'll take it!!^^^

^^^last week in the 20's! Crazy!!!^^^

^^^went grocery shopping with my sister! Ignore the way I look... it was my day off.^^^

^^^Baby Maverick got some new clothes from my parents! His first OSU onesie and an "Its a Wonderful Life" christmas onesie.  He's gonna be one cute little dude.^^^

^^^Made a Target run! That's my happy place.^^^

^^^my new obsession is the French Vanilla Cappuccino k-cups. So good!^^^

^^^re-organizing and making room for all the cute baby things that will soon be invading our 2 bedroom apartment.  It'll be one tight packed little adventure, and I just can't hardly wait!^^^

I hope your week has been good! The heat has definitely returned to Oklahoma in full force, and I just have to say, I am extremely thankful for ceiling fans:) How's the weather where you live?? Did I mention I'm ready for Fall :) 

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  1. Love the OSU gear! He's going to be extra handsome in that onesie :) Texas weather was unbelievable last week too! It felt like it was October!